Yvonne Quaintrell

Yvonne Quaintrell

Hello! I work in many areas of hypnotherapy, specialising in helping people with anxiety and stress. I also work with weight loss, phobias, confidence issues, dealing with trauma and quitting smoking. I have worked with people as young as 7 all the way up to 88! I enjoy helping people to find solutions that work for them. I am here to help you with whatever is troubling you.  

Society places lots of pressures on us and we can often feel overwhelmed. I firmly believe that each of us has the power to make changes to life and our environment. My goal in life is to give you the power to deal with these pressures by teaching you skills such as self-hypnosis and mindfulness. My approach to hypnotherapy is to work with you on a solution that is realistic and unique to you.

I also offer specialist support for parents/ carers (including expectant parents/carers) or anyone who works with children and young people. I have over 25 years experience of working and lecturing in the fields of Psychology, Education and Childcare.

It's all about you.....

Attending hypnotherapy can feel like a big step. I'm here to make that step as comfortable as possible and explain the whole treatment to you and let you decide if it is the right thing for you.


  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma in Mindfulness
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • L3 Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • B.Sc (Hons) Social Sciences and Psychology
  • PG Dip. Forensic Psychology
  • Masters Degree in Psychology

Other qualifications

  • L4 Certificate in Education (teaching qualification)
  • L4 Certificate Advanced Practitioner in Schools and Colleges


Quaintrell, Y.,  (2020) 'Playwork in prisons: an exploratory case study' in King & Newstead (2020) Further Perspectives on Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective Process, Playfulness, Rights-based and Critical Reflection, London:Routledge https://doi.org/10.4324/9780429401350